Using the experience and success acquired since our founding in 1967, Ohara Industry provides technologies that our customers can depend on.- Reducing the number of processes and cutting costs with machining for simultaneous molding and trimming

Simultaneous hot compression molding and trimming dies / Simultaneous cold blow molding and trimming dies.You can entrust us with all stages from design to manufacture.

We carry out design and manufacture in close cooperation with the customer.

Please feel free to contact us with any manufacturing-related issues you may have.

  • Manufacturing of thermosetting and thermoplastic resin moldings
  • Manufacturing of material-specific trimming cutting blade
  • Discussion with customer on production issues from design stage
  • Capable of in-house design of drawing/2D/3D/NC data
  • Capable of thermoplastic resin trial in material heating furnace
  • Capable of delivery with inspection jig data attached
  • Product guarantee at start of mass production
  • Positive manufacturing lead time commitment