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Die Business Division

Although dies play an unglamorous role behind the scenes in the production workplace, they are an essential tool for production without which it would be impossible to provide consumers with a wide variety of daily essentials ranging from motorcycles to home appliances at inexpensive prices.

It is the role of the die to transfer the shape that is the customer’s design image to an actual three-dimensional form and to assist in mass production.

In order to please a greater number of customers, we shifted from the automobile component painting business to specialize in the press die business and have continued in this business from 1967 to the present day. After producing dies for agricultural machinery, automobile underbodies, home kitchen utensils, solar water heaters, boilers, and other products, we specialized in dies that include process-saving functions and are used in production of automobile interior components.

We will continue to actively challenge ourselves in different fields to meet the needs of the changing times.

Business areas

  1. Compression molding dies for automobile interior components
  2. Press dies
  3. Inspection and assembly jigs
  4. Automation devices and systems
  5. Design and manufacture of the above

Compression molding dies for automobile interior components

the manufacture of your simultaneous molding and trimming/piercing dies

Entrust us with the manufacture of your simultaneous molding and trimming/piercing dies.

Among the various types of compression molding dies that are used to produce automobile interior components, we have particular expertise in production of simultaneous molding and trimming/piercing dies.

We consider the effects of heat on the die that is generated when pressing materials which have thermosetting or thermoplastic characteristics, and manufacture suitable blades to produce high trimming accuracy. As a result of continual improvement and development activities based on proposals to meet customer needs, we have achieved much success with both hot and cool dies.

Please consult with us not only about any issues you may have related to die manufacture, but also in regards to jigs and design as well.

CAD/CAM Center

independently designing drawing data

We are capable of independently designing drawing data, 2D data, 3D data, and NC data.

Based on consultations with the customer regarding the issues which it faces, such as improving die durability, cooling performance, weight reductions, or workability, the Manufacturing Division and Design Division work together to achieve improvements in productivity through studies beginning from the design stage.